Wednesday, August 5, 2009


super duper delicious candy i bought from a japanese market in hawaii in june


i've been waiting so long to open these two bags of candy i bought in hawaii becauase, well, they are just too cute which is why i bought them but then i of course didn't want to waste them so they just sat in a drawer in a kitchen for two months. but now (!) there is cause for celebration as we have booked our flight to japan this october!! i cannot wait to see my bro and also to buy more candies to replace the ones i am about to eat! hoorah!


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

two best accessories

bodysuit and georgie!


also, stopped by this CRAY CRAY candyland event at royal t and saw the cutest lolita cotton candy cupcake ruffle princesses. so amazing. i admire all the detail they put in their outfits...every single piece is coordinated from their socks to their purse to their cake hat. yes, cake hat. they all had these little hats made of fake cakes on. while this may seem normal to those of you who know a lot about this culture, i do not. i did however try one on. i don't think it's the right look for me unfortunately...