Tuesday, November 3, 2009


hmmm three months without a post. can't say "i'll never do that again" because i probably will. for now, there are some things to share! i stopped taking pictures for awhile. mainly because work was getting hectic before i went to japan, and then once we got there took so many pictures of beautiful things/people that nothing else seemed to matter for a bit. don't think i don't love my life, because i do, i just really like a world where everything is clean and beautiful, people are respectful and kind to each other and all i have to do is shop and eat. ha.


homemade sesame chicken from scratch. so damn good. i patched together 3 or 4 recipes i found online that didn't call for deep frying the chicken and it was still just as tasty. it's all in the sauce and the sesames!



reorganized my nail polish on halloween when i was trying to find an excellent purple to match my grape costume. didn't realize i had so many bottles...



new favorite shoes. i don't even think i can admit to myself how crazy i am for becoming obsessed with shoes you can only get in sweden, finding someone on craigslist to buy them and ship them to me and paypaling him the money. and it actually worked out. i am crazy. i'm sure i'll somehow find out that you can actually buy din sko shoes somewhere here but for now, it was worth it. thanks leo giertz, wherever you are!


georgie floating around the remnants of my grape costume. so presh.



a delish salad i made tonight. ahh honey mustard dressing is so vital to a good salad.


the only way to end a post, georgie style. goodnight!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


super duper delicious candy i bought from a japanese market in hawaii in june


i've been waiting so long to open these two bags of candy i bought in hawaii becauase, well, they are just too cute which is why i bought them but then i of course didn't want to waste them so they just sat in a drawer in a kitchen for two months. but now (!) there is cause for celebration as we have booked our flight to japan this october!! i cannot wait to see my bro and also to buy more candies to replace the ones i am about to eat! hoorah!


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

two best accessories

bodysuit and georgie!


also, stopped by this CRAY CRAY candyland event at royal t and saw the cutest lolita cotton candy cupcake ruffle princesses. so amazing. i admire all the detail they put in their outfits...every single piece is coordinated from their socks to their purse to their cake hat. yes, cake hat. they all had these little hats made of fake cakes on. while this may seem normal to those of you who know a lot about this culture, i do not. i did however try one on. i don't think it's the right look for me unfortunately...


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

there's a tortilla under there somewhere


delicious "taco" i made with chicken, onions, garlic, black beans, corn, broccoli, avocado, tomatoes, cilantro and sour cream. YUM! paired with my lovely organic cotton/bamboo leggings by the battalion and a new vintage lace top.


first and only night this week i get to cook and stay in and snuggle up. i'm cherishing it. also, if i remember correctly i may have placed an order on topshop early yesterday morning after receiving an email about a free tote bag with a bow on it with any purchase? i'm such a sucker. hope it shows up soon!

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Picture 1

i realllly wanted these shoes, but sadly, they were too big. one of my fave sites asos.com, had them on sale for a ridiculous $38 but since they are based in the uk, i had to order online and also guess on my size. since i'm usually a 5-6, i got the smallest size possible which was a 3 (sounds so tiny!). unfortchy, still too big. i even wore them for half of the day to try and "make it work". ah well. maybe i want them even more now because i can't have them? hmm...

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

bow boots & summer rolls


fave part of this outfit is the boots


probably one of the best ebay steals in my closet

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

ate at blossom finally. pretty good veggie summer rolls, but i still prefer viet noodle bar. ignore my chipped nail polish

just snuck in a quick trip to goodwill after work. the first thing i saw when i walked in was a pastel pink giant kaboodles which is always welcoming. they closed soon after i got there so i didn't get to try on the rainbow of blazers i had scooped up. i liked that they had to come on the intercom and say they were closing 3 times and i was the only one in the place. ah well, next time :)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

nobody walks in la

originally i was obviously pissed about our car breaking down and abandoning it (until monday) but so far, sunday has been excellent by foot around the neighborhood.


finally found this slip that i couldn't find for like 8 months (it had been layered on a hanger under a silk nightgown?!) and quickly grabbed my lace dress that i've been dying to wear literally the entire time. comfy and sexy at the same time.


georgie and i strolling down 7th


a few months ago we drove past a mexican bakery and i must have been blindsided by the delicious cakes in the window because i forgot to make a mental note of its location. sure enough, i found it today accidentally and grabbed some of my most favorite cookies. yum. rainbow sprinkles on anything is good in my book.

fourth of july

mmm lots of fun in the sun yesterday. i love spending an entire day in a swimsuit. also, days are best when they start with a homemade delish egg sandwich.

avocado makes all the difference

somehow this picture turned out like this even though it was taken on my iphone.

baked red velvet cupcakes with Liz for her family party and managed to sneak one away :)

Saturday, July 4, 2009


So I decided to start this blog for a few reasons. Number one is just to get me to use my camera more. It's unfair that I have been gifted such a lovely camera and always forget to take it with me places or just forget to use it. Number two, is to document things I love, especially that I may regret later. For instance, an outfit I put together that upon later inspection was actually hideous or genius. For the moment I love my wardrobe, but i'm constantly adding and subtracting to/from it on an almost daily basis. Maybe this will help me realize what works. Of course there will be other things included as well like food, friends and probably more often than not, doggies. Enjoy!