Tuesday, June 29, 2010

dear vintage platform shoes with heart cutout:

why must you exist and be in my size and be $100?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

the stuff dreams are made of






once upon a time, there were the most gorgeous swoon-worthy miu miu pumps. they were satin, printed with delicate sparrows and even fit perfectly (hard for a girl with a size 5.5 foot!). sounds perfect right? there was only one issue: the price tag. i had never made THAT much of an investment in anything (except a trip to japan?) so i tried to forget about them...key word: tried. a few days passed and i couldn't stop dreaming about them. and to make matters worse i continued to google them furiously and all i kept reading about was how quickly they were selling out!

in the middle of this whole shoe-dream fiasco another fantasy was beginning to come to life: i found my dream job and applied immediately! i was lucky enough to hear back within 24 hours that they wanted to meet with me! I was seriously on cloud nine! as I'm sure all of you know, it's extremely difficult to find a job right now, let alone the perfect job with the perfect company in YOUR city! as shocking as the whole situation was to me, i also had this extreme intuitive feeling that i would in fact get the job. is that weird? i guess i just felt it was too perfect for me so i knew it had to be mine...kind of like the shoes!

SO, i had this crazy idea: to buy these shoes for my future self as a reward for getting the job. i realize it sounds crazy (because it was) but it felt so right! the next day i marched over to nordstroms and bought the shoes (on my credit card) i had lusted over for weeks and had tried on repeatedly (yes this situation slightly resembles the guitar purchase in wayne's world-"it will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine"). next came the hard part: not wearing the shoes until i had the job (i actually pretended i would return them if i didn't get it-HAAAA). i got home took them out of the box, cleared off a shelf and put them out on display. this display served as a huge source of inspiration in so many ways for the coming weeks. i don't know what was more amazing- the fact that i actually owned them or how gorgeous and impeccable they were!

two months later and here i am! i did it! woohoo! i was offered/accepted the job on friday and i start in just under two weeks as a Designer Relations Manager at ModCloth and I couldn't be more excited!!






My name is Samantha, and I'm addicted to vacations. Everytime I go on one, even just for the weekend, I get caught up in the romantics of it all and begin to dress and act like I'm on vacation. It's really not a bad thing I suppose. Until I start booking various cruises and safari trips...

Fresh off our weekend getaway to Palm Springs (such a great time) I found myself replicating outfits I wore last summer in Maui (this outfit is one of them). I love it there so much and hopefully one day we can have a winter home there. For now, I'll just wear festive maxis and pretend I know the hula.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

speaking of completely unrealistic birthday wants

(chloe sevigny for opening ceremony, image courtesy of stylefrizz)

yeah i'm gonna need these bow shoes in either mule or ankle strap version

pretty please

if you happen to have some extra cash laying around and haven't gotten me a birthday present, here is one thing i really want. thanks so much!


last year's model

what better way to celebrate my impending birthday than to wear my birthday dress from last year? actually i think it might have been from 2-3 years ago but whatevaaaa. joe bought it for me at one of my fave stores in new york, pixie market (we lived there at the time) specifically to wear on my birthday!

about to go off to a shoe tradeshow for work…..heaven.