Tuesday, November 3, 2009


hmmm three months without a post. can't say "i'll never do that again" because i probably will. for now, there are some things to share! i stopped taking pictures for awhile. mainly because work was getting hectic before i went to japan, and then once we got there took so many pictures of beautiful things/people that nothing else seemed to matter for a bit. don't think i don't love my life, because i do, i just really like a world where everything is clean and beautiful, people are respectful and kind to each other and all i have to do is shop and eat. ha.


homemade sesame chicken from scratch. so damn good. i patched together 3 or 4 recipes i found online that didn't call for deep frying the chicken and it was still just as tasty. it's all in the sauce and the sesames!



reorganized my nail polish on halloween when i was trying to find an excellent purple to match my grape costume. didn't realize i had so many bottles...



new favorite shoes. i don't even think i can admit to myself how crazy i am for becoming obsessed with shoes you can only get in sweden, finding someone on craigslist to buy them and ship them to me and paypaling him the money. and it actually worked out. i am crazy. i'm sure i'll somehow find out that you can actually buy din sko shoes somewhere here but for now, it was worth it. thanks leo giertz, wherever you are!


georgie floating around the remnants of my grape costume. so presh.



a delish salad i made tonight. ahh honey mustard dressing is so vital to a good salad.


the only way to end a post, georgie style. goodnight!

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