Wednesday, June 23, 2010






My name is Samantha, and I'm addicted to vacations. Everytime I go on one, even just for the weekend, I get caught up in the romantics of it all and begin to dress and act like I'm on vacation. It's really not a bad thing I suppose. Until I start booking various cruises and safari trips...

Fresh off our weekend getaway to Palm Springs (such a great time) I found myself replicating outfits I wore last summer in Maui (this outfit is one of them). I love it there so much and hopefully one day we can have a winter home there. For now, I'll just wear festive maxis and pretend I know the hula.

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  1. I need to say this, I stumbled with your blog randomly and fell for this dress. Actually all of your outfits are amazing. I'll be sure to come back and hopefully see more of those lovely clothes of yours. :)