Wednesday, April 6, 2011

open the door

seriously though. i really want to start posting here more. i'm having too much fun right now to use something as silly as "not having time" as an excuse to not capture/share it on here.

this picture is from a recent buying trip to Chicago for a tradeshow. i felt like a doll in a dollhouse posing in front of this random painted wall in Logan Square.

lovely sidenote: i almost died on the way there! okay maybe i'm being a tad dramatic but it really felt like it! we were stuck in a thunder/lightning storm that never seemed to end. i've never been shaken so hard and seen lightning that close to my head. anyway, within 36 hours it was super duper sunny and the sky was gorgeous.

like i said, i'm going to TRY to write more, but can't make any promises. thanks for stopping by!

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